Turkey won its first medals in 14th European Maccabi Games in swimming and badminton categories

Turkey won its first medals in 14th European Maccabi Games in swimming and badminton categories

Even though the final results of sports branches such as futsal, tennis and basketball are determined after a 1.5 week period, there were some sports branches where the winners are determined after a 2-3 day of intense games/race tempo such as badminton and swimming. The badminton games which started on Wednesday morning ended on Thursday evening, while swimming races which started on Wednesday morning ended on Friday noon. After three exhausting days, the Turkish athletes participating in those two branches won this year’s first medals.


We left our mark in the swimming relay races

While everyone in Istanbul was complaining about how the weather was very hot and humid, we in Berlin were wearing sweaters and coats, to protect ourselves from the cold weather. One of the sports branches that the cold weather affected the most was swimming. Even though I was wearing two coats, I was still cold while the swimmers in their wet bathing suits were trying to warm up with their towels wrapped around them. The day when the weather was coldest was our most successful and exciting day. As Turkey, we started winning our first medals in swimming category.


After the individual races ended, the relay races began. At 4 X 50 m. relay mixed race, Dina Saban won the silver medal along with three British swimmers who raced with her. After Dina, the team of four consisting of Yoel Arditi, Jeff Sezer, Aksel Ahituv and Izzet Kebudi raced. They too won the silver medal at 4 X 50 m. relay mixed race. At the last day of swimming races, the team of four this time consisting of Aksel Ahituv, İzzet Kebudi, Jeff Sezer and Sinan Geron won the bronze medal at 4 X 50 m. relay freestyle race. Overall, in swimming category, Turkey won medals in three different relay races.


The medals won in Badminton category also made us proud

At the competitive badminton category that lasted two days in total, the Turkish team won two medals in female singles category and one medal in female doubles category.


In Badminton category, the competitors continue to play whether they win or lose, playing 7-8 games in one day. Even though the games are exhausting, the medals won at the end of the day make them forget all the exhaustion. The Turkish team on Thursday evening lived the great joy of winning medals. In women’s singles category Romina Gurkan won the silver medal while Dafne Behar won the bronze. In women’s doubles category twin sisters Romina & Lena Gurkan who confused even their competitors with their almost identical look, won the silver medal in women’s doubles category.


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