A magical concert, exhibition and togetherness

Soprano Linet Saul and pianist Jerfi Aji’s concert held in the Italian Synagogue on December 5th and was a presentation of the works of Spanish and Italian composers enchanted the audience.

A magical concert, exhibition and togetherness

Alongside the invitees, the concert was attended by Israeli Consul General Shai Cohen, French Consul General Muriel Domenach and Italian Consul General Federica Ferrari. 

Alberto Modiano, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Synagogue, shares his impressions with our readers:

“I have spent years living with photographs. I have been involved in many events. It is very nice that my pieces are exhibited alongside other artists; it gives people an increased joy to create. I had a dream; to bring together all those in our Congregation who had just started, made some improvements, amateurs, professionals and masters in their interest in photography. To connect those who look and see, and to open an exhibition.

As the roof over the garden area of the historic Kal de Los Frankos Synagogue is closed during October, I thought that it was suitable to host an exhibition. The theme was already established in my mind; “Jewish Photographers, Jewish Icons”. With my works, together with Rubi Asa, Vladi Benbanaste, Alain Danon, Mishel Horada, Izzet Keribar, Salvo Loya, Jil Pardo, Moris Sarfati, Tanya Sisa, all of whom could not refuse our trustees, we had the opportunity to exhibit 48 photographs along with the concert. 

Talking about the concert, the notes that were the result of Jerfi Aji’s magical fingers touching the piano keys transferred the soul of the music to the audience. Words failed in describing Linet Saul’s soprano voice. The pieces that stretched from Baroque to Sephardic romantic, added flavor to the eve of the Hanukah Festival where the miracle of light would occur. Once the concert was over, dear Linet and Jerfi’s names remained on the walls of the synagogue as a sweet echo and in the minds of the audience as a sweet memory. However, the Board of Trustees of the Italian Jewish Congregation will once again present enjoyable moments to our congregation in the future. Our exhibition is continuing. If you want to attend, after joining us for the morning tefilah at the historic Kal De Los Frankos Synagogue, you can see the works of art and experience the joy and togetherness of praying together. 

May the light never be absent from your homes, I wish you all a happy holiday.”

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