SEMES KARMIEL is ready for their new show with a team of 130 people

Semes Karmiel, founded in 2005 is a dance company consisting of dancers from all age groups, representing Turkey in international festivals. Their every performance is a great hit.

SEMES KARMIEL is ready for their new show with a team of 130 people

Besides its unique qualities, the dance company is known for its huge number of dancers and the fact that they are all dance-lovers. The dance company is getting ready for its 2017 show, in full speed. We talked with Verda Hason Darsa, the founder and choreographer of Semes Karmiel about the Dance Company. 

Semes Karmiel has impressed everyone who watched the special performances. Who is Semes Karmiel, can you tell us about it? 

The first goal of Semes Karmiel is to prepare for performance. While we are getting prepared, we give uttermost importance to making every dancer, who are all volunteers by the way, happy, motivated and driven.  We have a team of 6 trainers whose priority is to achieve our goals.

Our first performance before an audience was in April 2015. We were also celebrating our 10th anniversary at the time. This year, we’ll be performing with a larger group of dancers, 70 percent of whom are new members. 

What can you say about your 2017 show? 

This year, we will be performing in Istanbul at MKM stage, on April. Semes Karmiel Dance Company is getting ready for this performance with 130 dancers. 

Who are these 130 people? 

We have 6 different dance groups based on age groups. Each group will be performing on stage as individual groups. There will also be various dance numbers where groups will dance together. 

We have a brand-new dance group this year. The group consists of children aged 6-7. Their incredible performance is worth watching. There are not enough words to describe them. You will understand better, once you see their performance. They got very excited when they learned that they will be on stage as a part of a big dance company. 

Another group consists of children aged 8-10. They are seriously the hardest-working group. You can see the sparkle in their eyes while they are dancing. 

Another dance group consists of teenagers aged 14-16. They have such a busy life. They have exams, projects, school trips, tournaments… They relieve some of their stress while dancing with us. They performed at our recent two shows in Istanbul. This will be their third show. 

Another dance group consists of young people aged 17-25. They had their first festival experience, last year. This year, they are still with us. They will perform in Istanbul for the first time. 

The fifth group consists of people aged 25-35. Among them are dancers who have been with us since we first started. We call them our founding dancers.  Without them none of this would be possible. I would like to thank each one of them. 

We call our last dance group 30+. They are aged 40 and over, but they have the souls of 20-year-old. They are our loyal dancers. They have a very important job and they do it, meticulously: to encourage their children to dance in our Junior dance groups.  With their spectacular performance, they attract and engage younger generations. We have nearly 80 percent yield every year.

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