The Italian Synagogue in Istanbul Open for Worship

The historical Italian Synagogue (Kal De Los Francos) has been opened for worship on Saturday, September 5th, after 6 months.
The Italian Synagogue in Istanbul Open for Worship
Kal De Los Francos (Italian Synagogue) with precautions for COVID-19

Leon Esim

Translation by Janet MITRANI

Historical Italian Synagogue, taking all the necessary precautions is now open for worship again, after a long break because of the troublesome pandemic process. A few days before it has been opened all the necessary disinfection tasks were done, the seatings were reorganized according to safe social distancing, and preventive glass was placed around the Tevah (Aron Hakodesh). Disinfectant dispensers have been placed in many places. When entering the synagogue everyone had their temperature measured and everyone attended the prayer service in an orderly manner, with their masks on.

Even though we hadn't seen our friends for a long time, we could neither hug, embrace nor kiss them; we just had to satisfy our yearning for each other saying our hellos from afar.

Rıfat Behar, the head of the Italian Synagogue thanked everyone for their attendance, in the speech he made.

Our wish is for the pandemic to be far away from the whole world and for the Jewish people to be able to come to our homey, boutique synagogue.

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