HANUKKAH: Eight Nights, Eight Inspirations

Hanukkah festival, where we light eight candles for eight nights, increasing by one candle each night, together with our family and loved ones, is starting on the eve of Sunday, November 28th.
HANUKKAH: Eight Nights, Eight Inspirations

Every day during Hanukkah, with the exception of Shabbat, after the stars come out in the evening, all the family chanting prayers and songs joyfully, light the candles of the nine-branched Menorah (Hanukiah), the symbol of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. However, on Friday afternoon, we take care to light the Hanukkah candles before Shabbat candles are lit.

Each night, the coming day's candle is lit first

Every evening first the candle at the very left when facing the Hanukiah, according to the person who is lighting the candles, is lit. This is the new day's candle. When Beit HaMikdash had been saved and cleaned, the oil found there was only enough for one day. However, due to the miracle, for which we celebrate the Hanukkah Festival, it continued to burn for eight days. So each night the oil kept burning, a new miracle was being witnessed. Therefore when lighting the candles, every night first the new miracle is celebrated by lighting the new day's candle. Then moving to the right the candles of previous nights are lit.

During Hanukkah, like the other holidays and festivals of the Jewish calendar, besides remembering and celebrating, we also try to learn about the history, think about how these have affected our lives today, exchange ideas about it with our family and friends, prepare for the holiday spiritually, thus bringing the light of Hanukkah into our own, our house, and our lives.

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