The Holiday of Respecting God and His Creations: Tu BiShvat

´Tu BiShvat´ which means 15th of the month of Shevat (on the Jewish calendar), is also known as The New Year for Trees, Festival of Trees (Chag Ha´Ilanot), and Festival of Fruits (Chag Ha´Perot).
The Holiday of Respecting God and His Creations: Tu BiShvat

The 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar is known as Tu BiShvat, which is the day that marks the beginning of a 'new year' for trees. This date had been chosen because the most productive rains on the land of Israel continue until the 15th of Shevat. After this day the season in which the trees wake from their winter sleep, bloom, and fill with flowers and fruits begin.

Even though Tu BiShvat Holiday is not a religious festival, in the framework of the Holy Torah's countless laws that obligate us to open our eyes and act responsibly and compassionately toward the world around us, it is a holiday that reminds us of the importance and meaning of trees. On Tu BiShvat we remember that acting with compassion toward nature and the world is one of our most important responsibilities and obligations.

Tu BiShvat

On the eve of Tu BiShvat, as we eat fruits that nature has given us, we contemplate on the phases they have gone through, from being a seed until coming to our table, and how all these are in fact miracles.

This year we are celebrating Tu BiShvat Holiday on Thursday, January 28th, starting from the evening of Wednesday, January 27th.

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