HANUKKAH, the Eternal Light of Education

This evening, on December 10th, together with our families, we will be lighting the first of the Hanukkah candles that will increase each night by one for eight nights.
HANUKKAH, the Eternal Light of Education

Hanukkah, Hag Aorim-Festival of Lights, which starts on the 25th of the Jewish month Kislev, symbolizes the victory of the weak to powerful, the minority to majority on a level, and spiritual to material, education to cultural extinction on another level. One of our enthusiastically celebrated joyous festivals, Hanukkah, is not mentioned in Tanah, mentioned indirectly in Talmud, and had been put into practice by the Rabbis later.

During Hanukkah, like the other holidays and festivals of the Jewish calendar, we don't just remember and celebrate, but also try to learn about the history, think about how these have affected our lives today, exchange ideas about it with our family and friends, prepare for the holiday spiritually, thus bringing the light of Hanukkah into our own, our house, and our lives.

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