´A Recipe For Daphne´; One City, One Love

Nektaria Anastasiadou’s novel, ´ A Recipe for Daphne´ is the heart-warming and romantic debut set within the Rum, Greek Orthodox Christian community that has lived in Istanbul for centuries.”
´A Recipe For Daphne´; One City, One Love

Fanis has a crush, the moment he sees her, on Daphne, the young American woman, who is the niece of an old friend. Daphne reminds Fanis of his old fiancée, whom he had lost during the violent pogroms of 1955 towards the Greek Orthodox Christians in Istanbul.

However, Fanis is not the only one affectionated by the young woman. The pastry chef Kosmas, looking for a suitable Rum (Greek Orthodox Christian) wife for himself, is a rival for Fanis. Daphne, on the other hand, admires Kosmas, who is respectively closer to her in age, for devoting his life to rediscover an old Ottoman recipe.

The novel revolves around a love triangle, in the shadow of the old and new loves, revealing the stories and mysteries of Istanbul to the reader, the city that brought all these aspects together, creatively.

'A Recipe For Daphne' will be published by Hoopoe Fiction in September 2020 in Istanbul and early 2021 in the rest of the world. The writer Anastasiadou is praised in the commentaries, for novelizing the rich culture and lives Istanbul inherited from the Byzantine era, successfully.


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