Tu B´Av; Day of Love

Tu B´Av on which many happy incidents had happened throughout history and that is accepted as a very fortunate day for weddings, is celebrated as a ´Day of Love´ in our day. This year Tu B´Av will be celebrated starting on the eve of Tuesday, August 4th, and on Wednesday, August 5th.
Tu B´Av; Day of Love

Tu B'Av, meaning the 15th of the month of Av (of the Jewish calendar), takes place in Talmud as one of the greatest and happiest festivals of the year, also compared to the happiness on Yom Kippur, because of the meaningful and happy incidents that had happened throughout history.

Tu B'Av, not containing any observances or customs as a Jewish holiday, is celebrated as a Day of Love in Israel today, and is accepted as an auspicious day for weddings.


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