Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva´s Passover 2020 Video Message

Chief Rabbi of Turkey Isak Haleva broadcasted a video message for Passover 2020.
Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva´s Passover 2020 Video Message
Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva

Chief Rabbi Haleva in his message said:

"My dear fellow brothers,

I know this year we are not able to celebrate our Passover Holiday in positive circumstances. We have suffered losses that hurt us deeply in our country and Jewish society. We are sorry and in mourning. Many of our neighbors, friends, brothers are also fighting the virus; we are praying for their recovery. Unfortunately, it seems it will take some more time for this disease cloud to disperse. We will keep our hopes, raise our awareness, and take even better care of our health than usual. In this context, we will abide by the rules of the Ministry of Health and the Board of Scientists to the letter. I am praying for all the health staff who is fighting this pandemic.

We will all pray for Passover to come true in its real meaning, for this pandemic to pass over us by without any further negativity. I know that you will all, against all odds, try your best to take great care in realizing the requirements and the mitzvot of Passover.

I'll state once again particularly, that our superior mitzvah this year is to care for our health. Let's call our friends and relatives; give our respects and ask about their health. Especially these days, during our holiday, nobody should feel lonely and helpless. We should always have a place for everyone at the Seder table in our hearts. Today is the day to support the people who work so hard with exceptional sacrifices. With these emotions and thoughts in mind, I share my hope and wish to be and celebrate together with our loved ones, during many Passovers, Seder tables to come in the future and in health.

I am blessing all of you with our holy Torah's Berachot.

'We were saved in Passover, we shall be saved in Passover.'

Hag Pesach Sameach and Kasher to you all."



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