Let’s Celebrate the ´European Day of Jewish Culture´ Together, on November 24th

The European Day of Jewish Culture, organized in 35 European countries and celebrated in Turkey since 2001, will take place on Sunday, November 24th, between 10.00-18.00 hrs.
Let’s Celebrate the ´European Day of Jewish Culture´ Together, on November 24th

The events organized in the context of European Day of Jewish Culture, will take place in the Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews and the Neve Shalom Synagogue, all open to public visit and free of charge. 

All throughout the day, the participants will have the chance to wander through the Turkish Jewish community’s culture and heritage, with concerts, documentaries, various presentations, exhibitions, book presentations and delicacies from Turkish Jewish cuisine. 

The European Day of Jewish Culture will commence with the interview with writer Aaron Nomaz on his novel ‘The Tale that Probes the Conscience: Struma’, and the presentation on ‘Judeo-Espagnol Language and Turkish Effect on It’ by Suzet Herman, Şeli Gaon and Silvyo Ovadya. 

During the day there will also be some concerts. Participants will have the chance to listen to the Turkish Sephardic Synagogue Chants from Yako Taragano and Sephardic Chants Choir. Another concert will be ‘Sephardic Tangos from the Bottom of the Chest’ from Karen Gerşon Şalhon and Izzet Bana.

Model wedding ceremony with Jewish traditions 

In the context of the European Jewish Culture Day, a characteristic wedding ceremony will be acted out together with all the traditions. 

With her presentation ‘Why should Holocaust be Taught to Everyone?’ an expert on the subject, Süzet Sidi will talk about why Holocaust is not just a subject of Jewish history, but rather a concern for all humanity. 

The event ‘Come, Let’s Meet (Gelin Tanış Olalım)’ will be open for visitors all day. In ‘Come, Let’s Meet’, the participants who want to get to know the Turkish Jews will have the chance to chat face to face with them. 

In the context of the event, Albert Modiano’s ‘Judaism within Time and Place’ exhibition and Eti Koen’s ‘Portrayal with Fabric: Our Story’ exhibition may be visited.

A different point of view in movies 

‘Jewish Humor in Movies’ presentation by Seyfi Işman will provide movie lovers with a brand-new point of view. ‘Izmir Wedding Ceremonies’ documentary that will be shown in the museum all day, will shed a different light on the Jewish culture. 

Speaker and instructor Alper Almelek will present his ‘Perseverance + Imagination =?’ presentation. 

Yusuf Altıntaş will answer the questions about Judaism in his interview ‘Face to Face with a Jew’. Izzet Erş will sign his book ‘Comprehension Conflicts in Biblical Readings’ and address the differences in understanding mentioned in his book. 

In addition to all these, ‘Adventure of Food from Spain to Izmir’ with Nüket Franko and Lina Eskenazi and Gilda Kohen’s ‘Let Us Witness the Taste Journey in Sephardic Cuisine’ presentations will take place. During lunch, ‘Selections from Sephardic Cuisine’ will offer the participants a delicious taste adventure that will not be easily forgotten. 

All through the day artistic activities for kids aged 5-12 years to raise environmental awareness will take place.  

To join the activities of the European Day of Jewish Culture, please fill in the form provided in the link below: 

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