Israeli and Jewish Studies Conference in Konya

On December 16-17, 2017, the first Israeli and Jewish Studies Conference was held, in the Turkish city of Konya.
Israeli and Jewish Studies Conference in Konya

The participants mainly consisted of young academics and postgraduate students. Theologists, historians and political scientists gave presentations on various subjects. The presentation subjects included, “Effort to Reconcile Jewish and Aristoteles’ Philosophy: From Maimonides Perspective”, “Israeli and Judah Kingdoms in Written and Archeological Resources  in the Iron Age”, ‘The Ottoman-Jewish Relations in the Last Period of Ottoman Rule in Palestine from Israeli History Lesson Textbooks’ Perspective (1948-2000),  “The Increasingly Growing Problems of Turkish Jews and The Solution to La Boz de Turkiye”, “Black Jews”, and “Conceptualizing Israel’s National Security Policy Following the Arab Spring”.  The speakers’ use of objective language, knowledge of Hebrew and analysis was attention grabbing.   

The organizers of the conference rewarded distinct master theses and doctorate assertations written in the last two years about the subjects listed above in three different categories: theology, history and political science.   The organizers also plan to publish a magazine named “Israelite: Israeli and Jewish Studies in which Turkish, English, Hebrew and Arabic articles will be printed. 

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