5th "Paw Photography Project" Exhibition in Memory of Suzan Maçoro

The 5th edition of the "Paw (Pati) Photography Project" Photography Exhibition, which includes 60 photographs of 23 photographers from the "Paw Photography Project Group" under the supervision of Tania Sisa, is being opened at IFSAK Gallery on January 6th.
5th "Paw Photography Project" Exhibition in Memory of Suzan Maçoro

The fifth exhibition by the "Paw (Pati) Photography Project" established by a group of animal-loving photographers coming together, is being held in memory of Suzan Maçoro who has passed away recently.

Photographers, who worked voluntarily and participated in the project, took photographs in shelters, farms, houses, studios, and streets for one year. Postcards in four different categories, a 2024 calendar, and an exhibition were prepared using these photographs. This project, through the art of photography, aims to contribute financially to shelter, nutrition, and the treatment of the innocent creatures that have to live on the streets. Thanks to this project, all income from the sale of the pieces and calendars will be donated to voluntary associations and organizations working in this field.

The photographers who are participating in the exhibition under the supervision of Tania Sisa are; Alain Danon, Alberto Modiano, Aliye Rahşan Karabetça, Amir Istiroti, Bige Baykoca Süslü, Daçya Lisan Güloğlu, Deniz Horada, Deniz Ural, Eliz Reyna, Fatma Boyraz, Hayri Bali, Hilal Konuşkaner, Ipek Yıldız, Mehmet Tuncer, Metin Kastro, Monika Istiroti, Nur Gürel, Nurdan Ayvalı, Sennur Çevik Onan, Sibel Razzon, Şila Horoz, Tania Sisa, and Vivi Arditi.

The "Paw (Pati) Photography Project" Photography Exhibition may be visited at IFSAK Gallery until January 25th.

To learn more about the project's work and the team, you may visit its website and Instagram account:



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