Şükrü Özçevik´s ´Synthesis´ Exhibition Opened in Izmir

The director and photography artist Şükrü Özçevik´s movie screening, photography, and kimono exhibition ´Synthesis´ has met the art lovers in Izmir Alsancak Soviet Gallery on February 19th.
Şükrü Özçevik´s ´Synthesis´ Exhibition Opened in Izmir

Based on Hegel's dialectic thesis-antithesis-synthesis pattern, this project where the movie, photography, and dance disciplines come together, presents a synthesis bringing together the western and eastern cultures.

The movie screenings consist of images that Özçevik had shot in the Izmir Etz Hayim Synagogue, Saint Voukolos Church, Çeşme Agios Haralambos Church, a Ney studio, and a tattoo studio and blended together.

Concerning the exhibition that will stay open until March 19th, Şükrü Özçevik said, "I have had photo shoots in the Saint Voukolos Church with the ballerinas I had used for the film in the same framework. There is also a photography exhibition of these photoshoots. Besides I am exhibiting the kimonos that have been used in the film and photo shoots. Also in order to provide an active audience experience in the exhibition instead of a passive audience experience, by turning the scenes shot in the film into activities, I added activities to this exhibition that will stay open for four weeks; an activity per week."

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