´Tango and the Dancing Body in Istanbul´

´Tango and the Dancing Body in Istanbul´

'Tango and the Dancing Body in Istanbul', written by Melin Levent Yuna, explores the expansion of social Argentine tango dancing in Turkey, being pioneered in Istanbul, in recent years. The book especially reveals the interest shown in Tango dance classes among all the online events organized during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The book also is portraying Turkey as a bridge in-between the conservative East and modern West, through the social characteristics of the tango dancers.

'Tango and the Dancing Body in Istanbul' is qualified to be of great interest as a resource for students, researchers, and scholars conducting studies in the areas of dance, anthropology, culture, and performance arts.

Melin Levent Yuna is a sociologist and a cultural anthropologist at Acıbadem University, teaching various classes on these areas. In addition to her MA in sociology and Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, she is a tango dancer herself, and has had a deep interest in Argentine tango dancing for many years.

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