Şeyla Gülman Niyego´s Exhibition ´Shattered´ @Lebriz.com

Artist Şeyla Gülman Niyego´s online studio exhibition named ´Shattered´ can be seen at the current exhibitions section of ´lebriz.com´
Şeyla Gülman Niyego´s Exhibition ´Shattered´ @Lebriz.com

Şeyla Gülman Niyego about her exhibition of 19 artworks that met the art lovers on April 16th, expressed her emotions saying, "Humanity had lived in the 1800s what we are living today. Masks, epidemics, and then back to normal.

Today as history is repeating itself, I ask myself; roughly 200 years later, what have we, as humankind, learned?

While mourning for the end of our old 'normal' life, my heart is shattered with the unbearable longing and sadness I felt for my mother, children, and grandchildren living in different places of the world. Like a broken mirror, a different emotion from each of my broken pieces has fallen onto my canvas.

As cities tell us their pandemic stages with red, yellow, and green color-codes according to the COVID-19 case numbers, the pandemic stages of New York, which I used to visit a lot because my children live there, was reflected on my canvas. Life has been simplified as 'Red, stop', 'Green, carry on' in this period. And in the middle of all these, the conversation I had with myself, loneliness flowed from my paintbrush onto my paintings.

And eventually, the hope that came with the vaccine, the dream of freedom and peace, found meaning in the blue of my paintings.

Finally, my tribe, my invisible protectors who have always protected me, surrounded me. They celebrated my freedom with me, they danced around me with love, hand in hand, and said, 'It's over, you are reunited now...' Here is pandemic, here is me, and here is my story... How about yours?"

The exhibition can be visited until April 30th.

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