This Place We Call World

Selma Gürbüz´s exhibition ´This Place We Call World´ is opening at the Istanbul Modern Museum on November 5th.
This Place We Call World
Take Care of Each Other by Selma Gürbüz (detail), 2020

Istanbul Modern Museum is continuing its exhibition series to make women artists in the Turkish art world noticeable, with Selma Gürbüz. The 'Selma Gürbüz: This Place We Call World' exhibition which showcases Selma Gürbüz's artistic works of thirty-five years, through the framework of a number of themes, will be opened on November 5th.

In her art practice, Gürbüz mixes the elements that belong to both Eastern and Western cultures, developing magical relationships between them by cleverly merging issues and techniques from these two diverse cultures.

Through this exhibition, the artist's finely crafted works, independent from time and space, woven with tales, legends, and myths, are being brought together with the audience, in a museum in Turkey for the first time. The exhibition curated by Öykü Özsoy makes visible the artist's 35 years of artistic practice and her unique world of images. In addition to these, Selma Gürbüz's works that have not been exhibited before, including her digital works, will also be able to be seen.

More than one hundred works of Gürbüz such as painting, installation, design, video, and sculpture, will be presented in the exhibition until March 31st, 2021.

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