5th Istanbul Design Biennial: ´Empathy Revisited´

The 5th Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) with the title ´Empathy Revisited: Designs for more than one´ has been opened on October 15th.
5th Istanbul Design Biennial: ´Empathy Revisited´

Organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial has started on October 15th. The biennial titled 'Empathy Revisited: Designs for more than one', curated by Mariana Pestana together with Sumitra Upham and Billie Muraben, is hosting the projects of various countries and various disciplines, in exhibition locations, on the streets of Istanbul, and on digital media. Besides the exhibitions that can be visited in the biennial locations for one month, the event that is spread all over Istanbul with the outdoor installations, can also be viewed all around the world via the digital projects.

Sundial of the Blind by Eli Bensusan

Sundial of The Blind by Eli Bensusan (located in the Moda Coastal Park - Istanbul Design Biennial, New Civic Rituals)

In the context of the biennial, the interventions that are hosted by the Pera Museum, and the research projects archive that can be visited in Ark Kultur, will stay open until November 15th. The interventions spread across the city of Istanbul, the collection of research projects, and the video series will go on expanding until April 30th, 2021. The research projects and the digital projects will be able to be observed from all around the world.

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