Estreyikas d´Estambol Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary with an Album

Estreyikas d´Estambol Children´s Choir is celebrating its 15th year anniversary with a new album called ´Kantikas i dichas Infantiles Sefaradis´
Estreyikas d´Estambol Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary with an Album

The much deserving pride and joy of the Turkish Sephardic Jewish Community Estreyikas d'Estambol Children's Choir directed by Izzet Bana, who had started its activities in 2004, is celebrating its 15th year anniversary with the new music album 'Kantikas i dichas Infantiles Seferadis'.

As a result of the long-lasting efforts of the founder and director of the group Izzet Bana, the album consisting of 12 songs came to life. In the album, also a DVD containing the videos of the choir and a booklet of song lyrics are included.

Through this album, Bana who had contributed greatly to the Sephardic music with his researches, studies, and singing, has once again created a remarkable production together with Estreyikas d'Estambol choir. In an important project along with Susana Weich Shahak from the Thessaloniki and Greek Sephardic Heritage Center, they tried to revive the Sephardic children's songs which had existed for centuries but now are about to be forgotten. This album also contains Sephardic idioms and nursery rhymes besides the children's songs.

The group consisting of members aged between 8 and 14, is the first Sephardic children's choir singing in Judeo Espagnol (Ladino). The purpose of the choir's foundation was to make Judeo Espagnol culture, which is about to be evanesced, known, and loved especially by the young generation. In line with this purpose, Estreyikas d'Estambol is singing the songs with their traditional interpretations, in the choir formation, under the supervision of their music instructor Izzet Bana. Ever since it was founded, the choir has been representing our country and community successfully not only in Turkey but also abroad.

The new album will be introduced with a concert that will be organized in Buyukada Anadolu Club, on September 6th. The concert that will start at 19:45, will be organized totally in line with the pandemic requirements and precautions, at the beach part with an audience limited to 350 people. The invitations for the concert can be obtained from Ms. Emel via the telephone number +90 555 5956358, or Ms. Tilda via the telephone number +90 212 2404144.

The joyous album 'Kantikas i dichas Infantiles Seferadis' can be bought from Gozlem Kitap via the link below:

Kantikas i dichas Infantiles Seferadis

Voice over by: Janet Mitrani

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