From the Museum of Turkish Jews: ´Megillat Esther´

The ´Megillat Esther (The Scroll of Esther)´, selected from the Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews collection...
From the Museum of Turkish Jews: ´Megillat Esther´

Megillat Esther, 'The Scroll of Esther', is the story of the amazing events of Purim, told firsthand by the heroes Esther and Mordechai themselves. 'The Scroll of Esther' which is read during the holiday of Purim, is handwritten on a parchment scroll and decorated meticulously with drawings.

Megillat Esther, taken out of its cover and read in Purim, is shaped as a scroll, like the Torah. In some regions, it is customarily presented as a gift by the bride to the groom, before the wedding. The Megillah shown above was presented by Nisim Avram Menase for the Megillah Exhibition in the Museum of Turkish Jews.


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