May 2, 2022Guy Mintus will be Performing at the Grand Synagogue of Edirne April 29, 2022Renan Koen´s Concert at the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC April 28, 2022´Black Frame of the History´ Exhibition at Neve Shalom Cultural Center April 27, 2022Coming Together to Say "Never Again" April 26, 2022Turkish Cuisine of Centennial Recipes Guided by Gastrodiplomacy April 25, 2022Turkish Airlines: "There will be 89 Flights per Week Between Turkey and Israel" April 21, 2022´Hymns from Auschwitz´ Concert from Renan Koen in New York April 19, 2022Renan Koen will Perform at Carnegie Hall April 18, 2022Renan Koen Performed at New York Turkevi Center April 18, 2022Ashkenazi and Sephardic Songs in Schneidertempel April 15, 2022President Erdoğan´s Greetings for Passover April 15, 2022Passover: The Anniversary of the Miracle April 14, 2022Hanri Benazus´s Name Will Live in Izmir April 12, 2022"As a Person Who Knows What it Feels Like to be a Minority, I Wanted to Reveal the Story of the Sephardic Jews" April 8, 2022Rıfat Behar Seen Worthy of Order of Knighthood of Italy