Love In the Striped World of Auschwitz “Lovers in Auschwitz”: A True Story

“Mud sucked at her boots; spring´s thaw was setting in. Lombardy poplar trees were scattered at random, their leaves dried out, twigs like arthritic fingers pointing to the darkening sky. They marched toward a massive steel gate. A Gothic-lettered sign inscribed with tall letters gave her pause: Arbeit macht frei —work will set you free” - Lovers in Auschwitz
Love In the Striped World of Auschwitz “Lovers in Auschwitz”: A True Story
Cover of Keren Blankfeld´s book "Lovers in Auschwitz"

I hadn't read a book for five days when I got into the book and lived through what was written. In Keren Blankfeld's book "Lovers in Auschwitz"; I watched a live simulation of life before the concentration camps, Auschwitz and Nazi hell, the trauma after liberation, and the psychologies that influence decisions to move on. Is it love? Yes! Human sensitivity, yes! Is it the power of the will to survive? Yes! However, "No" to inhuman torments, torture, and deaths! “Lovers in Auschwitz” is not a book, but a movie. It's a movie that journalist-writer Keren Blankfeld has meticulously woven into our minds, the scenes of which will never leave our eyes! You will read the lines of Keren Blankfeld's detailed scientific research, laced with exciting human elements, with pain and empathy. "What can a woman do to keep the man she loves alive? Hello from Bibliobibuli with the book "Lovers in Auschwitz" written by Keren Blankfeld.

The human soul is indestructible

You will read a book that sheds light on a dark period in our dreams, with the destruction plans of extraordinary evil in the background and the unreasonable resistance of people focused on survival, the bonding love between people, and the resistance of some Auschwitz prisoners who took unimaginable risks and saved thousands of people. When you read the scenes that Keren Blankfeld describes in detail from a scientific perspective, you will not be able to get out of this book like me. The mud you stepped in with the Auschwitz prisoners will soak into your shoes, you will get lice, you will cut your nails as if you were removing them, and you will have your hair shaved so that it will never grow back. You will be hungry, you will be sick, you will be nauseous, you will be breathless in fear of protecting your life. Your neck will be freed from the rope many times, and you will painfully hear the mocking laughter of those who put that rope around your neck. You will experience that dark period "Holocaust" as a simulation in Keren Blankfeld's words.

Tortured people in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp are walking skeletons

Tortured people in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp are walking skeletons

Not standing out in a world of stripes

The book “Lovers in Auschwitz” a non-fiction work written based on extensive interviews and oral accounts, includes documentation. There are memories, there are testimonies. Most importantly, there is the wonderful writing of Keren Blankfeld, who wrote this book by bringing all these together with the "in yer face" method, with sentences that will hit our souls, not our faces. Keren Blankfeld's pen is a strong, clear pen that makes you witness a love story in the striped world of Auschwitz, where you should never stand out. This book tells the story of a young man and woman meeting among walking corpses and choosing each other. In this book, you will read about the woman saving the young man's life five times, about applying margarine to her face to look beautiful and healthy, about using cod liver oil to close wounds, about people struggling with death in a smelly, sick concentration camp!

Do you know what!!!

None of it is fiction, it is a hellish Holocaust, proven with documents, testimonies, interviews, manuscripts, and records! The book “Lovers in Auschwitz” is like a social Holocaust encyclopedia written by Keren Blankfeld for people smart enough to understand the Holocaust, with memories of people who had the courage to talk about the Holocaust without fear after liberation. A brave and informative book... You will learn many details about the Holocaust that you did not know.

Zippi Spitzer and David Wisnia

Zippi Spitzer and David Wisnia

The nuances of Auschwitz will remain in your mind

Zippi Spitzer and David Wisnia fell in love at the most infamous death camp in history. They were separated after liberation and led separate extraordinary lives. They met after more than 70 years. Complete your Holocaust library by reading “Lovers in Auschwitz,” a story of love, sacrifice, loss, and endurance. Keren Blankfeld, a journalist, is the grandchild of four refugees who escaped from World War II and says she grew up listening to the stories of children, partisans, and orphans in hiding. The author covers stories about refugees and immigrants and writes for The New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, The Toronto Star, and others. The book “Lovers in Auschwitz” by Keren Blankfeld contains 400 pages, Published on January 23, 2024, in Hardcover. Keywords: “Nonfiction, History, Holocaust, World War II, War, Memoir, Biography”. A must-have book for your Holocaust library.

From Bibliobibuli with friendship.

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