"A Better World by Making People Laugh" - Interview with Sarah Halstead

I had a chance to watch a comedy show Sarah was hosting along with some of her own jokes and when I noticed she was also making some Jewish jokes, I approached her and asked if she´d like to be featured in our newspaper Şalom. Gladly Sarah gave us a wonderful interview; thanks for lengthening our lives with laughter and beauty! Many thanks for the interview and looking forward to seeing more of your stand-up or/any other upcoming shows.
"A Better World by Making People Laugh" - Interview with Sarah Halstead
Sarah Halstead, photo by Felicia Michaels

By Bessy ADUT

Sarah Halstead is an actor and comedian. Native of Flint, Michigan, Sarah moved to New York shortly after high school, landing plum roles in theatre productions and network daytime dramas. She's appeared in over 90 commercials, along with a slew of guest-star roles in both film and television.

Where are you currently residing?

Los Angeles

What are your current projects?

I'm in post-production of my second comedy album. I'm writing my memoir. I produce a monthly show at Hollywood Improv, Bottle Shock Comedy, and I have a podcast titled "Drinking During Business Hours."

Please share how you got started and got to where you are today...

I left my hometown of Flint, Michigan and moved to NYC to become an actress in my early twenties. I booked a lot of theatre and small roles in soap operas. My mom, who was my best friend, sadly passed away, and I felt the desire to take a break from acting. I easily obtained a job in the wine industry. I say "easily" because I think almost everything comes pretty easily after seeking one of the most difficult endeavors to achieve, which is making a living as an actor. I enjoyed the break and climbed the ropes within the wine industry which eventually transferred me to Miami to focus on Champagne sales. It was a fast-paced, opulent position, and before I knew it, twelve years had gone by! I was enjoying the lifestyle and perks (money), but felt devoid of my creative passions. After many years of feeling vacuous, I decided to leave my job, sell my home, liquidate my belongings, rent an RV and drive cross country with my two cats. The detailed journey can be seen on Amazon Prime, "RVs and Cats!"

Has it been a smooth road?

No; I'd like to reference Robert Front's "Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood" and I took the road with construction, fallen debris, and no gas stations.

Tell us more about your life and career...

"My life now is very fulfilling. I've leaned on stand-up comedy a lot more than acting because it's more in my control. Acting jobs are out of my control. You can be the best actor, have studied with the best teachers, and still not catch a break. In stand-up comedy, if you're great, you will easily get booked on shows. I'm not great yet, but I'm getting there. It's been a fun journey.

What do you think goodness is?

I think goodness is caring about people, animals, and the environment.

Who are you outside of your professional life?

I'm a wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and godmother.

Are you interested in environmental issues?

Very much so...

Do you think the world is not a good place right now?

I think the world has always been complicated and we have to do our share to not add to the existing strife.

How do you make the world a better place?

I think I make the world a better place by making people laugh.

How can we all make the world better?

We can make the world better by looking up from our phones, smiling, being present, and laughing.

How can science and spirituality co-exist?

I think a good start would be seeing the two as complementary rather than contradictory. There are some miracles that cannot be explained by science. I'm very spiritual but I also believe in science.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would love to go where there are no cell phones or internet. Maybe a spa in the red rocks where they don't allow outside noise. I miss the old days of not having to look at my phone every other minute to see who texted, DM'd, or someone who needs an answer ASAP because it's somehow become the expectation today.

Could you please provide shareable links (website, social media)?


Instagram: @sarahhalstead

Facebook: @sarahhalstead

Youtube: @sarahhalsteadcomedy

Tiktok: @sarahjhalstead

Could you please provide media links to share?



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