"Our Strength is In the Good" - Interview with Mia Ivryn

Today I would like to introduce Mia Ivryn with whom Ms. Stacey Levy thankfully connected me.
"Our Strength is In the Good" - Interview with Mia Ivryn

By Bessy ADUT

At the age of 19 and in the army, Mia Ivryn was discovered and got her first role as Faigie in the series “Fire Dance.” Faigie is an 18-year-old who grew up in a broken home, without a father figure. She attaches her future happiness to Nathan, the 35-year-old married son of the leader of the ultra-orthodox community in which they both live. Faigie's feelings and longing for a relationship with Nathan can never materialize. It is this delicate tension, between passion and fulfillment, set on the backdrop of a conservative, devout community – in which Fire Dance exists.

In Shababnikim's (The New Black) third season, which is currently in production, she plays the supporting role of Michali Gross – who comes from a very well-known upper-class Haredi family – she dreams of being a political journalist. But although she looks very modern, compared to other orthodox girls her age, she loves her orthodox life and dreams of getting married and having 6 kids.

Also – earlier this year, Mia had a great supporting role in SPIN – an Israeli–Italian co-production, to be broadcast in Israel on Hot and in Italy on RAI.

"Spin" is about teenagers and breakdance – a very competitive group of kids trying to become the next B-boys\girls. Mia plays Shira, who is kind of a tomboy, sarcastic with weird humor, she's in love with Benji – her best friend.

Where are you located?

I live in Israel in Jaffa. Jews and Arabs live together here, side by side. I love the combination of cultures in Jaffa. Lots of languages, colors, spaces, cultures... The sea and the city - the perfect combination and a minute from Central Tel Aviv.

What are your current projects?

Recently, I've taken part in a new series called "Spin", which tells the story of childhood friends who grow up together in a slum, and who find in breakdancing, an escape from the challenges as they dream about getting out of the distressed neighborhood. This is an amazing series about desires, love, growing up, and growing from a place that requires a lot of struggles to develop in. I learned to breakdance from scratch during rehearsals and it was an exciting and hilarious process. I discovered that I really like to dance. It was magic, besides Spin's gang is a hilarious bunch.

I've just finished filming the third season of Shababnikim where I play Michali Gross; a girl from an ultra-Orthodox aristocracy and the digital manager of the Knesset member Eliyahu Lesri. A girl who knows what she is worth, with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue, she does not give up being in the center of things. In the office she meets Avinoam, the hero of the series and their meeting brings a lively and unexpected connection.

Could you share with us how you started and got to where you are today?

The first time I ever acted was very intuitive, unguided, and wild, after I got off the stage it was clear to me that this is what I want to put my energy into in life. Then I had to get through acting classes. I came by my wonderful agent, The late Perry Kafri (Shelly Aloni has been running the agency after Perry's passing), through a good friend, an actor himself. Through an acting studio for teens, he got a role in a film and ended up at the "Perry Kafri Talent Agency and Management". His stories about working in the "real world", about acting in a professional production really got to me and I thought to myself "Why shouldn't I also be at an agency and audition as well?"

This way of life and its totality really turned me on. And when I want something, it doesn't take long before I do it without thinking too much, so I sent some pictures to the Perry ZL and after two days she invited me to meet her. Since then I have been with my agency for eight years in cooperation and mutual understanding. Shelly is amazing. And looking back on my path, I feel like I had been very fortunate. I got this role in the "Fire Dance", which is a dream role, a once-in-a-lifetime role in many ways, when I was 22 years old. And thank God he opened doors for me. That was my start. I am very thankful for that...

Could you tell us more about your life and career?

When I first met Rama it was clear to me that I had to work with her. I feel like I met her through Feigi's character description. This is her strength; the sensitivity to create specific, detailed characters. When I met her, I came to know that in reality, her power of expression is even stronger, her way of saying something detailed about an emotion, an experience, or a desire, is something that crosses sectors, genders, and feelings, and goes straight to the heart. She gave me my first chance and I will forever be grateful to her for that.

What do you think goodness is?

Goodness is the most obvious emotion a human being can experience and the most abstract thing to explain. It is one of the first emotions I experienced as a person. The heart and the human desires are good by nature. This is a complex time for us as Israelis to see the good. We are experiencing a great divide as a nation right now. The October 7th massacre is a horror that is difficult for me as a person to understand and contain, and for all of our brothers and sisters who are being held hostage in Gaza, part of our heart is broken. And yet - the gathering in the streets is full of solidarity of thousands of Israelis who stand behind the families of the hostages and are crying out for their return. It is a daily aspiration to see the good that exists in every moment.

Who are you outside of your professional life?

My stability comes from my strict routine and from my family. I will fill my schedule with Pilates training, singing lessons and acting lessons, and of course I can't go without coffee with friends.

Are you interested in environmental issues?

Definitely... I think this is one of the most important things to discuss. The earth is our home, our wonderful home, and we need to nurture it. It is important to use as little non-biodegradable materials as possible and I wish the world leaders would unite and place this matter high on their priorities - The correct use of the world's treasures and the reduction of organizations that pollute it. It seems to me that gratitude towards the place we live in is the basis of how we behave towards each other.

Do you think the world is not a good place right now?

I think the world is mostly in a very confused place right now. It is very difficult to stay peaceful and happy without the inner work of the soul, without remembering the beautiful things that have always existed. Humans need a strong reminder to be gentle with one another, we need to restore trust in each other. We've all experienced many crises and pain. I'm positive we can do better and be better.

How do you make the world a better place?

I try to be kind to myself and to those I meet. This is a time when we as Israelis are experiencing a great break and grief, as a nation, but also as individuals. The fact that the hostages are still in Gaza breaks my heart and makes me so sad. I feel that our strength is in the good. Being good people. So, what I do is mostly remind myself to love my family and friends and be thankful for what I have got.

How can we all make the world better?

I believe that if we treat ourselves better, then we will have what it takes to do good to those around us, it will give us a breathing space to resolve conflicts in...

How can science and spirituality co-exist?

I can relate to both. I feel that they are actually both about the same thing. Spirit and matter combine and complement each other. Spirit could not exist without the substance it fills and vice versa. There is a need and a place for everything.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go (and why)?

I love Paris. Two years ago I was there for the first time when the whole "Fire Dance" cast went together to the Series Mania festival in France. It was a crazy experience; the series was nominated for the best series award with six other series from all over the world and Yehuda (Levi) and I were nominated for the best actors award with six other actors from all over the world. It was an uplifting experience. We all stayed three nights in Paris, and wow, it was such a magical experience. The lights, the architecture, and the fashion there gave me a lot of inspiration. I can't wait to go back when all this is behind us.

Please let me know anything else you want to share...

I'm so happy that the Fire Dance is now being broadcast in so many places over the world on Chai Flicks. It's such a special series. Rama Borstein Shai is a genius creator and the special language she has created is exciting, different, and goes straight to the heart. This is a series about desire and boundaries. On a life-giving and burning desire. About a relationship that is forbidden and yet full of magic. I think each of us has forbidden relationships in life, with people, food, and choices. And this is exactly the place from which anyone can connect to the series.

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