"Power Nap" - Interview with Elçin Sadi

Today I am honored to introduce the young, beautiful, and also very talented Elçin Sadi. She is the founder of Power Nap which is a new-generation social media and creative marketing communications agency founded in 2020.
"Power Nap" - Interview with Elçin Sadi

By Bessy ADUT

After completing her high school education at Koç High School, Elçin Sadi studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York on Advertising and Marketing in Communications. The internships she did both in New York and Istanbul during her education, helped her start a bright career after graduation.

She started her career at The Visual Brand Agency in New York, managing the social media of Desperados beer by Heineken. After working in New York for 1 year, she came back to Istanbul to work at the Recode Agency as the Social Media Head. During this period, she was the group head of social media management.

In 2017, she started to work as a freelancer and managed several brands from A to Z. Since 2020 she got her team together and opened her agency "Power Nap". Her agency grew in a creative sense and in 2023, it caught up with the current trends such as AI content and 3D division working on brands from the US, Europe, and Turkiye.

She continues working with her 6 people team and more than 15 brands. In her client portfolio, there are popular brands from Los Angeles, loved brands from the US as well as well-established brands from Turkey who use her services for her successful social media management with excitement.

Elçin enjoys painting and listening to music. She is also the author of an art book that she published in 2022 titled “Say What.”

You can follow her and contact her for any questions and inquiries on her Instagram page.


Where are you located?


What are your current projects?

I am the founder of Power Nap - a creative marketing communications and social media management agency. We have different divisions in the agency: social media management, 3D content, CGI production, branding, AI content, and more.

I am also the author of the art book "Say What" which includes the doodles I had randomly illustrated in my 20s to express my emotions and thoughts on everyday beings.

Could you share with us how you started and got to where you are today?

I've been in marketing for as long as I can remember. I had interned at Empati Agency during high school.

Then I went to college to FIT in New York and graduated from advertising and marketing communications. There I interned in various agencies and worked in one of them for a year or two. Then I came back to my hometown Istanbul and worked as the head of social media at Studio Recode. Then in 2027, I began freelancing and established my own agency Power Nap in 2020.

Now we are a team of 7 and gradually grow the amazing brands we work with from the US, Europe, and Istanbul.

Power Nap

Has it been a smooth road?

The beginning of my career was the hardest. It took me almost a thousand job applications to land one when I first graduated. I felt worthless and tired at that time. But once I got on track it was fun and exciting. Of course, there were many stressful times but each challenge brought an opportunity to grow. Each solution taught me a new angle and helped me progress in my career.

Could you tell us more about your life and career?

I don't separate my life and career because if I did, I'd miss out on life. Therefore, my first goal was to find a career that fit well into my life and become part of my life, as a fun, exciting entity. The two intertwine in my life harmoniously. I have fun while I work and eventually, that reflects on the quality of the work.

I work from home, spend quality time with my family and friends while communicating with the Power Nap brands, and create exciting content for them.

What do you think goodness is?

Goodness is being the best version of yourself to oneself and everyone else. Becoming one's best version is accomplished through the ability to make empathy with others, being kind, having compassion, being real and it's about making the right decisions not only for yourself but also for others.

Who are you outside of your professional life?

Hmm... I am the same person in my professional and personal life.
I love having lazy days but also fun outgoing days.
I love listening and sometimes talking.
I love sharing! Yes, I love sharing my ideas, good days, and bad days with the people I love.
I love spending quality time with my friends and my family. My family is the most important thing to me; and my dogs of course, who are also my family.

I love working out, eating, traveling, and listening to music a lot (I used to DJ). I also love painting.

Basically, I love enjoying the many amazing things this world offers us.

Are you interested in environmental issues?

Not fanatically, but I follow environmental innovations that tackle human-made problems. I believe technology will surpass the damage it will cause eventually and the world will stay safe.

Do you think the world is not a good place right now?

Definitely not! It is a magnificent place...

How do you make the world a better place?

If everyone put themselves in the shoes of the people they interact with more, the world would be a better place.

How can we all make the world better?

By knowing your responsibilities as a citizen of earth and overseeing them. This is not just keeping your street clean and being nice to others but also to yourself.
Because happy people do better things.

How can science and spirituality co-exist?

Spirituality is the intuition that makes scientists ask the right questions.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go (and why)?

To my mother's lap... She is not here with us anymore and I miss her deeply.

Please let me know anything else you want to share...

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions...

Could you please provide us with shareable links (website, social media)?




[email protected]

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