New Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Skybound´

The Schneidertempel Art Center is hosting Serkan Aka´s solo exhibition ´Skybound´.
New Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Skybound´

Translation by Janet MITRANI

'Skybound' is an exhibition regarding the liveliness of things and the random flow of collisions. Aka is creating sound sculptures and installations using ordinary and mostly used items. He is constructing the scene as a soundscape suspended in the air, based on the sounds of nature, birds, whales, and the sounds of the city. In the sounds made by the ordinary items he has collected, he is tracing the lost beings, no longer there, the memories.

The artist is searching for the left-out sounds, among the volumes he has created by establishing mechanisms focusing on making haphazardness a continuous experience. This process is based on listening, attention, and noticing practice. During the exhibition, which will last until March 3rd, performances by guest artists using these sound systems at the venue are planned.

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