UÖMO Middle School Students´ Success in the Innovation Competition

Ulus Jewish Schools Middle School´s young tech geniuses achieved great success in the 10th Başahşehir Living Lab Innovation Competition. In the competition where 220 projects from all over Turkey have competed with the "Innovative ideas are competing" motto, UÖMO students, standing out from their rivals with their "Natural Disaster Kit", came third in the middle school category.
UÖMO Middle School Students´ Success in the Innovation Competition

During the competition, Ulus Jewish School students attracted attention with their creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical abilities. With their "Natural Disaster Kit-ALLON" project, they gained recognition from both the audience and jury members.

The UÖMO (Ulus Jewish Schools) Middle School Principal Zeynep Adıgüzel, expressing that they were proud of their students who have competed with the best of the tech world in this tough contest said, "The success of our students made us proud. These competitions not only equip our students with technical skills but also help them develop social skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. In our school, we encourage our students to keep exploring their abilities and further develop their potential in the tech field. This success Is not just an award but a promising sign for the future," and added that they were confident that they would also achieve many victories in the future.

The UÖMO Project Consultant Talha Kılıç, stating that the students had achieved this success through the hard work and determination they had invested in their project, said "Our students do not only have technical information but also the ability to work as a team and to solve problems. These young talents may be the people to shape the tech world in the future. Their determination, diligence, and creativity genuinely make us proud. It is an honor for me to work with them," and emphasized the importance of the project being usable in real life.

Kılıç expressing that natural disasters are events that cannot be prevented by people, said "Natural disasters cannot be prevented, however, various precautions to be taken through a scientific point of view may minimize the damage they cause. The device designed by my students in this study as a pocket and bag version, consists of two parts namely the emergency kit and the power bank. By integrating the emergency whistle, LED flashlight, lid opener, and parts to cut, screw and measure to the power bank, ALLON was created. It was aimed to demonstrate its applicability by performing various electronic and mechanical experiments on the "Natural Disaster Kit-ALLON", which has been produced as a working model." He also stated that with this project they aimed to raise awareness on both natural disasters and renewable energy sources.

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