A New Digital Art Platform in the Art World: Zarastro Art

A New Digital Art Platform in the Art World: Zarastro Art
´The Saints II´ - from Ferhat Özgür´s exhibition ´To Be Good and To Live´

A brand new startup from Turkey has joined the art market initiatives that have increased with the rise of digital art and NFT: Zarastro Art. Artworks that have been produced digitally as well as physically take place on this e-commerce platform which gives priority to introducing the artists and their careers in the scope of their website design. Zarastro Art brings together art lovers and collectors with the artists, creating a platform where contemporary art can thrive.

Zarastro Art began its life with three online exhibitions:

'To Be Good and To Live', curated under four sections, features sixteen photographs taken in different periods and cities during the last two decades by the famous artist Ferhat Özgür, on the background of war and pandemic and within the framework of the spirit of the time.

One of the most important artists of video art, Nancy Atakan's virtual exhibition 'Cultural Threads' with a selection of three videos interacting with each other, is reflecting the oppressive nature of social gender roles and how the globalizing world feels the need to claim its right in the aspect of culture.

The well-known name of the NFT world, Kübra Cenk Uslu's exhibition 'The Many Faces of Transcension' introduces her new collection which explores the ebbs and flows of the connection between humans and the natural world.

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