Health services in Turkey through Israel´s well-established company

Israel-based Bugimi offers personalized health services in Turkey with the aim of providing the best!
Health services in Turkey through Israel´s well-established company

Turkey's health services brand, which is in demand in the fields of hair transplantation, dental aesthetics and aesthetic surgery, now serves from Israel to Turkey through its experienced professional workforce under the name of Bugimi.

Bugimi full service packages, which plan every stage from the moment you step into Turkey to your return, enable you to evaluate the time and opportunities in the most accurate way. Packages specially designed for you include professional needs such as VIP transfers, Hebrew-speaking consultants, pre and post medications, as well as special needs such as touristic tour organizations and kosher food.

A brand new system; treatments, medical procedures and aesthetic operations planned in all details!

The infrastructure of Bugimi, shaped by years of research and experience has been prepared with its professional staff under the guidance of Turkey's most experienced physicians and well-established health institutions. Tailor-made full service packages are designed to meet all demands quickly and accurately in the fields of hair transplantation, dental treatments, non-surgical aesthetic procedures and aesthetic surgery.

Bugimi is at your service for the professional support required at the decision stage with the right guidance that meets needs and wishes. Knowing the Israelis and their needs, from translation to VIP transfers, from accommodation in the best hotels to special requests such as kosher food, Bugimi delivers the highest quality health service at an affordable cost.

It is aimed to turn the time spent in Turkey into an unforgettable experience by adding optional special needs, touristic tours and entertaining organizations in addition to health services. Tailor-made packages that provide the opportunity to explore cultural and natural richness enable time to be used effectively.

Turkey, which has hosted civilizations for thousands of years, is a fascinating destination with its historical and natural beauties. Even just in Istanbul, it is possible to come across historical ruins and natural beauties at every step. The hospitable and humane Turkish people, most of whom speak English, are always ready to help with a friendly approach. Modern Turkey, which is highly developed in tourism, offers its guests of all ages and cultures the opportunity to have a good time with its historical, cultural and touristic facilities.

Get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment at affordable prices!

Turkey, which has become a worldwide brand in health tourism, has been hosting thousands of health tourists from all over the world in recent years with its specialist physicians and well-equipped health institutions. Turkey, where state-of-the-art processes are applied expertly, stands out with its attractive offers in the field of health.

The Bugimi journey, shaped by a free online consultancy service, starts with a VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel. In the light of detailed pre-operative tests and consultation with specialist physicians, a suitable route is created. Detailed examination of the general health status, determination of the most appropriate treatment method for personal needs and lifestyle are of great importance at every stage. While experienced specialist doctors make the right planning in the light of personal expectations, the results and all costs are clearly shaped. Treatment processes are placed on the calendar, taking into account examinations and controls. After the planning of the treatment process such as translator, analysis, test, examination, control, dressing, drugs, transfers are made immediately, cultural and touristic travel packages, which are shaped by personal preferences, are activated according to demand. Kosher food, places of worship, etc. If there are special requests such as kosher food, religious needs, shopping, etc., they are added to the program.


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