´The Sea Between Us´ Exhibition at Schneidertempel

´The Sea Between Us (Aramızdaki Deniz)´ Exhibition of the photography artist Denef Huvaj meets the audience at the Scneidertempel Arts Center on May 5-29.
´The Sea Between Us´ Exhibition at Schneidertempel

The photography artist Denef Huvaj has been experiencing the diaspora of the North Caucasus people living in Turkey, from the inside. The exhibition, where the artist is telling about the exile in an abstract manner, is focusing on the homelessness, pain of separation, uncertainty, fear of death and losses, through a journey of discovery into the past.

In the exhibition curated by Eda Yiğit, the artist as a visual storyteller, while looking at what was left from the exile via her photos, is explaining that people who had been detached from their lands, culture, climate, and past, can forever continue to live in an endless pain of separation.

The Schneidertempel Arts Center which had been an Ashkenazi Synagogue in the past, by welcoming an exhibition telling about the exile, is also keeping its characteristic of building a bridge between cultures.

Denef Huvaj's 'The Sea Between Us'

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