Doctors were on Stage on March 14th National Doctors´ Day

On March 14th National Doctors´ Day, Liv Hospital doctors, coming together with artists, performed a musical play titled ´Tedavüyyeü´l Musikiyye (Treatment with Music)´ in Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM). The musical, which has attracted great interest, received a standing ovation.
Doctors were on Stage on March 14th National Doctors´ Day

Artists on the same stage as doctors

Liv Hospital doctors and healthcare workers created a magical evening on March 14th, National Doctors' Day. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Directorate of Fine Arts together with the Istanbul State Theatre, staged a musical play of Turkish Classical Music where the doctors of Liv Hospital also performed as players, especially for the National Doctors' Day. The Liv Hospital doctors, who have performed the musical 'Tedavüyyeü'l Musikiyye (Treatment with Music)', were greatly appreciated.

Two star-crossed lovers treated with music

The play's libretto was written by Nihat Gönül and was staged by Assoc. Dr. Aylin Şengün Taşçı. The musical tells the story of two university students Tuğşad and Dilfiruz at the beginning of the 1900s, who fell in love with each other at first sight. When their families oppose their request to get married, the two young people get sick and Mr. Abdurrahman, the renowned doctor of the time, decides that they should be treated with music. The humorous play is performed along with the popular pieces of Turkish Classical Music.

Doctors of different specialties all together

The leading roles of the musical 'Tedavüyyeü'l Musikiyye (Treatment with Music)' which was directed by Vehbi Akintürk, were played by Zeynep Sönmez and Hüseyin Cem Durak. Many doctors from various specialties such as obstetrics and gynecology, organ transplant, pediatrics, and physical therapy, performed in the musical. Besides Meri Istiroti, the Group Coordinator of Liv Hospital, Chief Physician Op. Dr. Adil Tanık, General Manager Akif Benk, and Assistant General Manager Semra Başaran, Liv Hospital doctors, Prof. Dr. Hasan Taşçı, Prof. Dr. Berna Tander, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Doğu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Taşdemir, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elvan Yalçın, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Günay, Op. Dr. Tamer Sözen, Op. Dr. Ahmet Özsoy, Spec. Dr. Aytül Gençer, Spec. Dr. Pınar Karadeniz, Spec. Dr. Dicle Çelik, Op. Dr. Arzu Bebek, Dr. Murat Mutuş, Op. Dr. Bahar Canbay, and Spec. Dr. Özlem Kaplan took place in the musical.

"I believe we've made a difference"

Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istiroti expressing that they have performed a lively musical said, "Every year we always make an activity on March 14th. This year Aylin Şengül Taşçı proposed this project. We believe we've created a unique and soulful project when we actualized such a creative and significant project together with the artists. We worked hard for the musical theatre where our doctors also performed. It is a musical play set in the past time based on the fact that the families of two young people who are in love would not let them be together. We are very happy because we've made a difference with a wonderful activity and we were on stage with the doctors on March 14th."

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