New Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Orphe´

Nazlı Eray´s exhibition ´Orphe´ will be meeting art lovers at the Schneidertempel Art Gallery between tha dates February 15th and March 6th.
New Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Orphe´

Artist and writer Nazlı Eray's second acrylic painting exhibition titled 'Orphe' will be opened on Tuesday, February 15th at the Schneidertempel Art Gallery.

Nazlı Eray is describing her exhibition, that has been curated by Tolga Yaracı, as follows: "As I open one of the most exciting curtains of my life with my 61 paintings, I will be following the reactions backstage in excitement as a writer, a storm of emotions, solitude, a moth made of tulle. The subject of my exhibition is 'Woman'. Five women, eight women, the eyes, lips, feelings, hopes, eyes looking for love, fluffy hairs, beauty, ugliness, 'all alones' will be with you on canvas."

During the exhibition which will be open until March 6th, the artist will also sign her latest novel 'Karga Feramuz'un Aşkı' every day.

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