Erdoğan: "President of Israel May Visit Turkey Soon"

President Tayyip Erdoğan, during the press conference with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at Beştepe Presidential Palace, stated that the President of Israel Isaac Herzog may be visiting Turkey.
Erdoğan: "President of Israel May Visit Turkey Soon"

President Erdoğan, concerning the bilateral relations with Israel, stated, "In the past when Berat Albayrak was the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, there were talks with Israel, and during these talks a certain goal in terms of transporting the natural gas from Israel to Europe via Turkey was reached. We can still realize this now. We are having talks with Israeli President Herzog. Maybe President Herzog will visit Turkey. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Bennett has positive approaches on these issues. The goal is to get somewhere with positive approaches. As long as this positive attitude is based on a win-win principle, we as Turkey will do whatever we can. First of all, we are politicians. We are not here to fight, we are here for peace. Whatever it takes for peace, in this case if gas will be a tool for peace, we will use it. If it will not be a tool for peace, then the decision belongs to the countries themselves."

A senior Israeli official, in a statement made to the Ynet news website, confirmed that talks are ongoing for Herzog's possible visit to Turkey, however, stated that a date has not been set yet.

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