´Tell Me Your Story´: An Outdoor Exhibition in Şişli

The collective art project of 20 artists, of whom 10 are Turkish and 10 are Israeli, ´Tell Me Your Story´ is now an outdoor exhibition at Şişli district of Istanbul.
´Tell Me Your Story´: An Outdoor Exhibition in Şişli

The art project Tell Me Your Story signed by PaperstreetCo. which brings together the childhood memories of twenty artists, is continuing its journey with an exhibition following the book. The project has turned into an outdoor exhibition titled 'Tell Me Your Story' with the support of the Şişli Municipality, between the dates January 10-31.

'Tell Me Your Story' was shaped when ten Turkish and ten Israeli artists were matched and shared their childhood memories with each other. Then each artist portrayed their partner's story in their own unique way. The project was first published as a book and received great attention. The book that opened the doors to the colorful and fascinating world of childhood, has now overflowed from the pages and spread to the city streets.

The exhibition where the stories that have turned into colors, will spread throughout the streets of Şişli with a route starting from the Abdi Ipekçi Square in Nişantaşi, via billboards.

The artists participating in this exhibition are, Ahu Akgün, Aya Talshir, Bora Aşık, Dror Cohen, Ecem Yüksel, Einav Vaisman, Gilad Seliktar, Gökçe Irten, Itzik Rennert, Jennifer Ipekel, Keren Katz, Meltem Şahin, Mert Tugen, Michal Bonano, Roni Fahima, Sasha Zilberman, Selin Çınar, SENA, Shahar Kober, and Vardal Caniş.

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