2022´s First Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Newspaper´

This year´s first cartoon exhibition at Schneidertempel, Tan Oral´s ´Newspaper´ will be opening on Thursday, January 13th.
2022´s First Exhibition at Schneidertempel: ´Newspaper´

The cartoon exhibition titled 'Gazete (Newspaper)' of the artist Tan Oral, whose drawings and cartoons are seen in newspapers, magazines, and news websites, is opening at the Schneidertempel Art Gallery, on Thursday, January 13th.

Even though there are continuous discussions and speculations about the printed newspapers coming to an end due to the spread of social media, getting the news on smartphones instantly, and the increase of the digital news sources, there are still people who like to touch and turn the pages of the newspaper.

Tan Oral, who has been working as a journalist for 50 years and living through the pleasant and rough days of being an illustrator, and who has illustrated all these in the newspapers he worked for, is saluting the 'paper of the newspaper' in this exhibition.

This first cartoon exhibition of the year will be open for visiting in Schneidertempel Art Gallery in Galata, Beyoğlu, from January 13th until February 6, 2022.

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