YÖRET Foundation´s Accomplishments in 50 Years

The YÖRET Social Development and Education Foundation, which has reached more than 222,000 children and more than 192,000 parents through their projects focused on decreasing violence against children, organized a meeting hosted by ITÜ (Istanbul Technical University) Foundation, on December 7th.
YÖRET Foundation´s Accomplishments in 50 Years
Miryam Anjel

During the event, where the foundation directors including Miryam Anjel, the Instructor and Supervisor of the YÖRET Foundation, specialists, educators, volunteers, benefactors, and the press attended, the almost 50-year-old foundation's projects and achievements until today were shared with the public.

Established in 1972, YÖRET Foundation is a non-governmental organization working for child advocacy. The objective of the foundation is to support the education and raising of children as well as young people in order to raise society's quality of life through consistently executing educational and developmental projects. Besides executing training programs to enable the protection of children's rights by everyone and to generalize non-violent communication, YÖRET Foundation designs projects in order to raise awareness of rights and democracy.

Miryam Anjel taking the stand following the speeches of Sibel Erenel, YÖRET Foundation Chairman of the Board, and Nüket Atalay, the Honorary President of YÖRET Foundation, said, "Seeing that anxiety, anger, and violence have increased among family members living together 24/7 during the pandemic, that children have greatly been affected by this, and the schools' becoming online has become a disadvantage for the children's protection issue, we moved our projects and studies to the online platform," and indicated that they presented the videos they had prepared to the public. Anjel also stated, "We sincerely hope that these videos that can be reached via YÖRET Foundation's YouTube Channel shall be used in workshops by all specialists and educators."

The meeting came to an end after the summary of 'The YÖRET Foundation's 50th Year Projects' by the Chairman of the Board Sibel Erenel.

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