Hanukkah Greetings from President Erdoğan

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan conveyed a message on account of the Hanukkah Festival.
Hanukkah Greetings from President Erdoğan

“On the occasion of Hanukkah, I wholeheartedly congratulate all our citizens of Jewish faith.

Our region has for thousands of years been a home to different cultures all of which are very valuable. Cognizant of the historic responsibility brought about by this richness, by opposing to language, religious and racial discrimination, we consider it to be one of our most important duties to ensure that all our citizens coexist freely and safely.

Amid growing intolerance to different faiths and identities in the world, we disapprove of any discrimination and take all the necessary steps to duly fulfill this responsibility placed on us by history.

With these thoughts in mind, I congratulate all Jews, especially our Jewish citizens, on Hanukkah, and wish that this special day may bring well-being to them.”

*President Erdoğan's Hanukkah message is taken from the website of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

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