Shaar Ashamayim Synagogue Renewed

The Shaar Ashamayim (Şaar Aşamayim) Synagogue located in Göktürk district of Istanbul has opened its doors on November 13th with a brand-new look.
Shaar Ashamayim Synagogue Renewed

The Shaar Ashamayim Synagogue which had gone through renovation at the end of October, being renewed completely has put on a modern and minimalist look. The project supervised by Architect Ceki Duşi and Architect Yusuf Kohen, General Manager of the Neve Shalom Foundation in the technical and architectural sense, and with the endeavors of especially Izi Hekimoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Shaar Ashamayim, all the board members, the nameless financial and motivational benefactors, the synagogue was able to be renewed in a brief period of time like 15 days.

As the decoration was also completed last week, the Shabbat prayer was at the former address but in a new atmosphere. The synagogue which has been rather empty due to the pandemic returned to its crowded days with this opening. It felt just like a festival with the community's happiness. The community shared the joy of being in their synagogue once again with Rabbi Izak Alaluf's derashah and the seuda (the celebratory meal following the prayer) that was enjoyed altogether.

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