Eslin Sinan´s Artworks @ ´The Dance of Colors´ Exhibition

Eslin Sinan´s Artworks @ ´The Dance of Colors´ Exhibition

The artist Eslin Sinan, who creates all her designs completely in an improvised fashion through her emotions and point of view, found the chance to meet epoxy art that had fascinated her for a long time, during the pandemic. Sinan is taking place in a group art exhibition for the second time, with the happiness of being able to manage this pandemic period positively.

The visual arts exhibition 'The Dance of Colors' which will be opened on Saturday, October 23rd at Networkhan Istanbul, is curated by Gülhan Aktuğ Eren. The exhibition that will host works of 13 more artists besides Eslin Sinan, will stay open for visiting until October 30th.

Address: Network Han, Sahrayı Cedit, Şemsettin Günaltay Street, Kadiköy / Istanbul

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