Following the Traces of Jewish Culture

Various events and trips are being organized in different cities of Turkey, to unearth the traces of the historic and cultural existence of Jews located all over the country and create awareness among the wider community.
Following the Traces of Jewish Culture

Izmir and Manisa

The 'Despertar Izmir' Project, developed to make the Izmir Jewish Community more visible in the national and international arena starting with Izmir, is continuing its activities.

In this context, the Jewish cultural heritage will be traced in Izmir and Manisa on October 16th and 17th. During the one-and-a-half-day event, besides the locations in Manisa, also the historic synagogues in Kemeralti, Izmir will also be visited.

European Day of Jewish Culture 2021

European Day of Jewish Culture

In the framework of the European Day of Jewish Culture, on October 24th, a series of events to introduce the Turkish Jewish Culture and Heritage, together with its music, dance, delicacies, and traditions, will be organized. On the same day, the visitors will be able to participate in the Jewish Heritage tours; they will be able to see the historic places and synagogues around Galata and Balat.

The last stop: Ankara

The last stop: Ankara

The Ankara Jewish Community is also organizing a gathering in the Historic Ankara Synagogue to reminisce about the old days. During the gathering on November 7th, with Chief Rabbi Haleva's attendance, the old holiday and wedding celebrations will be reminisced about.

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