Culture Trips by Despertar Izmir Project Continued

The culture trips organized by the Despertar Izmir Project of the Izmir Jewish Community Foundation continue with the Manisa and Kemeralti trips.
Culture Trips by Despertar Izmir Project Continued

The 'Despertar Izmir' Project, developed to make the Izmir Jewish Community, whose population is decreasing and the average age is increasing, more visible in the national and international arena starting with Izmir, is continuing its activities.

In the context of the activities of 'Despertar' meaning 'awakening' in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), it is targeted that the individuals and institutions within the Izmir Jewish Community assume more effective and active roles in local, national, and international non-governmental circles.

In this framework during the trip which will be organized on October 16th, Jewish cultural heritage will be traced in Izmir and Manisa. The participants will gather in front of the Izmir Clock Tower and enjoy a whole-day tour of Manisa. The trip will be finalized with a half-day tour of the historic synagogues in Izmir's heart Kemeralti on Sunday, October 17th.

To register and get more information on the trip which can be attended by those aged 26 and over, please click on the link below:


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