Brand New Exhibition at Schneidertempel Art Gallery

Brand New Exhibition at Schneidertempel Art Gallery

Baran Çelik's exhibition titled 'Masketeknik 1' is opening its doors on Tuesday, October 12th(today), at the Schneidertempel Art Gallery.

'Masketeknik 1' is an exhibition consisting entirely of masks, aiming to adapt the idea of the mask into the modern era as art and then make the most frightening and incomprehensible thoughts of today's artificial world visible through mechanical aesthetics.

This exhibition focused exclusively on the idea of an inanimate object covering the face, which in fact is what defines one's emotions and whole self, is searching for the most contemporary forms of instinctive feelings.

Baran Çelik's distinctive style of Mask Art is being presented to the public for the first time, with 'Masketeknik 1'. In this exhibition which will stay open until October 31st, the artist has used a mixture of media such as foam, polyester, PVC, wood, metal, and paper. 

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