´Synagogues of Turkey´ Exhibition at Balat Ahrida Synagogue

´Synagogues of Turkey´ Exhibition at Balat Ahrida Synagogue

The 'Synagogues of Turkey' book written by Naim A. Güleryüz and photographed by Izzet Keribar is being published for the second time after 13 years. The Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews is going to be promoting and selling the book 'Synagogues of Turkey' along with Izzet Keribar's exhibition of his photos in the book.

The exhibition will be able to be visited in the garden of Balat Ahrida Synagogue between dates October 1st and 31st. In the 'Synagogues of Turkey' book, the visuals were photographed by Izzet Keribar and the information on the histories of the synagogues was written by Naim Güleryüz.

Ahrida and Yanbol Synagogues, the two historical synagogues of Istanbul, that have been allowed to be visited on a few days for years, due to the exhibition, will be able to be visited every day except for Saturdays.

Ahrida and Yanbol Synagogues will be able to be visited on an availability basis throughout the exhibition, between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs. The maximum visiting duration is limited to 30 minutes. It is imperative that groups of 10 or more people should make reservations in advance. The visitors will be required to show vaccination cards or HES codes for entrance.

The Ahrida and Yanbol Synagogues' opening for visit is organized by the collaboration of the Foundation of Balat Ahrida Synagogue and the Museum of Turkish Jews.

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