´Two Istanbuls´ through Izzet Keribar´s Eyes

Photography artist Izzet Keribar´s new book ´Iki Istanbul (meaning Two Istanbuls)´ consisting of black and white photographs of Istanbul is out now for photography enthusiasts.
´Two Istanbuls´ through Izzet Keribar´s Eyes

Governor of Istanbul, Ali Yerlikaya wrote a preface for the book that was prepared for publication by the Istanbul Governor's Office. Governor Yerlikaya in the preface he has written stated, "I am very happy to present one of the gentlemen of photography, Master Keribar's this precious work, where he has portrayed Istanbul with the photographs he had compiled in a manner of symphonic harmony.

I would like to thank our Master Izzet Keribar, who has presented us with the unique beauty of Istanbul through his personal interpretation, and to those who have contributed to uniting 'Iki Istanbul' with the lovers of art and of this city."

In the book, of which the editor is Merih Akoğul and the art director is Harun Tan, Istanbul of the 1950s and of the 1980s is being portrayed with various frames through Keribar's lens. In the book, more than 150 photographs displaying the daily life of Istanbul are included.

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