KAREN G. SARHON @ Encyclopedia of Jewish Women

KAREN G. SARHON @ Encyclopedia of Jewish Women
Karen Gerson Şarhon

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Women, which is being broadcasted as the Jewish Women Archive in the US, added Karen Gerson Şarhon, the Sephardic Culture Research Center coordinator and the editor of El Amaneser Ladino (Judeo Spanish) supplement of Şalom Newspaper, to their archive.

The digital encyclopedia which features more than a thousand Jewish women, included the biography of Karen G. Şarhon who is especially known for her contributions to the Turkish Jewish Community and Ladino, that is on the verge of disappearing, also referring greatly to the Los Pasharos Sefaradis Music Group, the Sephardic Culture Research Center, the awards she had received and her work so far.

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The Encyclopedia of Jewish Women

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