´Achtung Panzer´: Interest for Nazi Panzer Print T-shirt Online

The Turkish online store called Tilki Shop is selling t-shirts with tanks used by the Nazis during World War II prints on them. The Twitter post by this store where this t-shirt is advertised got reactions from some users.
´Achtung Panzer´: Interest for Nazi Panzer Print T-shirt Online

Translation by Janet MITRANI

The saying 'Achtung Panzer' (Beware Tank) printed on the t-shirt is the same as the name of the book written in 1937 by the Nazi General Heinz Guderian, the founder of German armored troops. The book 'Achtung Panzer' contains war tactics related to tanks. This war tactic 'Blitzkrieg - Lightning War' created by Heinz Guderian with tanks, was Nazis' main war doctrine during World War II. The Nazis had invaded most of the European countries using this tactic.

Many users on Twitter reacted to the online store's post of the t-shirt with 'Actung Panzer' print:

"The ignorance of being able to take the most representative piece of the motorized forces of the Nazi army, who had killed millions of people, and print it on a t-shirt, and doing it with the name of a book full of praises for these weapons, tells us a lot about the state of World War II and Holocaust legacy."

"When writing this even under the German national football team poster is at least a shame, I wouldn't know what to say to this."

"Printing the Nazi tank on a t-shirt! You are sick, you should be treated as soon as possible!"

"I swear, I thought this ad was a joke! Disgusting!"

"The idea that people designing stuff like these live unaware of the world, doesn't seem credible to me. These are clearly Neo-Nazis."

While on the online store many t-shirts with warplanes and weapons used during World War II prints on them are sold, there are also t-shirts with the StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44), the first modern selective-fire assault rifle produced by Germany during World War II, printed on them.

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