´Bird Frequency´ Exhibition @ Scneidertempel

´Bird Frequency´ Exhibition @ Scneidertempel

Ceramics artist Defne Küçük's exhibition named 'Bird Frequency' was opened in the Schneidertempel Art Gallery on Wednesday, June 9th.

The artist is describing the formation process of the exhibition as follows:

"Ever since I was a kid, birds have always been in my life as we always were living in the penthouse... It still is like that; again penthouse and again birds... I feed them, I renew their water over and over again during the day, I watch them bathe, I observe their relationships with each other...

I decided to create a bird-themed exhibition during the pandemic, thus taking advantage of this period this way. The times I've spent alone with birds, the symbolism...

I worked on the birds I had imagined, in the most appropriate way for me, using the material and technique I had determined. For example, the branches I've used are natural. They have been collected from the Seferihisar coast [in Izmir]. I love the combination of organic and inorganic materials. I love textures close to nature."

The exhibition will be open for visiting until July 11th.

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