SABO´s Exhibition ´Time Machine´ @ Versus Art Project

SABO´s new exhibition ´Time Machine´ is opening at Versus Art Project on Thursday, June 3rd.
SABO´s Exhibition ´Time Machine´ @ Versus Art Project

Versus Art project is hosting SABO's exhibition 'Time Machine' between June 3rd-July 10th. Based on the past, present, and future plot, the exhibition is opening the door to a journey through time using artist's figures.

Artist's fantastic and fictional world that we are used to, also greets us in this solo exhibition. SABO's sketchbooks and the travel within the patterns form the origin of the exhibition. Within the scope of the exhibition, the artist, whose imagination reminds us of the irony of time, creates a fictional cycle by using pieces of his own life with the aura of time and space. SABO's artist book, oil and watercolor paintings, ceramics, videos, and maps are included in the exhibition.

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