Now It´s Time to Speed Up Vaccination

Turkey has taken an important step in the fight with COVID-19 and entered into an 18-day lockdown period... The only way to fight the virus now is to speed up and increase vaccination...
Now It´s Time to Speed Up Vaccination

Israel beat COVID-19 this way

Israel, facing the highest number of daily new cases per capita at the beginning of the winter, also had implemented lockdowns like this. Now in Israel, life is almost back to normal, as they had managed to vaccinate people very quickly, along with the lockdowns. In Israel, 58% of the people have already had their two shots of vaccines. Deaths due to COVID-19 are almost over.

The implemented number of vaccine shots are decreasing

In Turkey as of April 26th, 21 million doses of vaccines in total have been implemented. 8 million people have had their two doses of vaccination. This corresponds to 9.78% of the population. For the last 4 weeks, in Turkey, the number of implemented vaccines per week is decreasing.

Specialists state that 70-75 percent vaccination is required for herd immunity. If our average vaccination rate does not increase, two-dose vaccination of 75% of our population will not be able to be completed before September 2022.

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