Where Dreams Come True: Or-Yom

Where Dreams Come True: Or-Yom

Or-Yom authorities who have shown extraordinary effort for their residents to be comfortable and be able to continue their lives without any shortcomings, live under better circumstances, all through the pandemic, even during the troublesome and grueling days, are continuing their work without any intermission.

We listened to what the authorities had to say about what they did:

"We had dreamed that group therapies could be done besides the individual psychologic support; group physical therapies and exercises could be done besides the individual physical therapy and rehabilitation; specific games could be played for their cognitive states not to regress; special therapies could be applied to prevent the falls; for the fine motor skills not to deteriorate besides the gross motor skills, both individual activities and group activities could be carried out; they could have special game rooms to play darts, okey, cards, table tennis; could even play mini-golf and thus all these became real."

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